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Ceramic decals, Glass decals, custom water slide decals   

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Facts and Questions 
Facts and Questions

Fact and Questions:

What kind of decals do we sell?

Waterslide decals that can be fired onto stoneware, bone china, porcelain, ceramic and glass as well as ceramic and porcelain tile. The shape of the object to be decorated dictates the size and placement of the decal. An advantage the decal has over direct printing is that the decal's covercoat is flexible and can sometimes be stretched to better fit the product.

Where do the decals come from?

Open Stock Decals:

"Open Stock" is decals that are already printed from different factories which can be purchased as many or as few as needed.

Custom Decals:

Please send your artwork in Adobe Illustartor, Photoshop, or Freehand. If working on a PC, please save your files in any of the MAC formats listed. When using fonts as part of your design, please let us know the size and the font.  Artwork resolution should not fall below 300 dots per inch. Please sent to:

The minimum quantity for silk screen decals is 125 pieces of the same decal.  Pricing is based on dimensions, quantity and color.

Glass Decals:

Most of our glass decals are fired between 1085 – 1100 degrees Fahrenheit (580 – 600 degrees C). However, as with the ceramics decals, the actual firing temperature will be determined by the color pallet and customer’s firing conditions. Some of the products that are decorated with our glass decals include: glass jars, cosmetic bottles, vases, tempered glass and shower doors. Please check with regarding colors due to the limits on glass colors.

Ceramic Decals:

Most of our ceramic decals are fired between 1320 – 1465 Degrees Fahrenheit (740 – 790 Degrees C). However, the firing temperature of the decal can be customized based upon the color pallet and customer’s requirements. The factory prints decals for many different products including: dinnerware, collector plates, tiles, tea sets, giftware, jewelry, pottery, stoneware, porcelain enamel, steins and mugs.

PMS Color Matching
The nature of ceramics and glassware limits our color palette. Firing conditions and glaze may vary the final color of the decal. Please indicate an approximate PMS color and we will do our best to match it. Additional charges apply on PMS color matching.

 There is no extra charge for colors selected from our color palette. Color matches are available at an additional charge. We also carry glass and precious metal color palette.

We encourage you to choose colors from our color palette below. 
  PMS 141       PMS 1665                PMS 3298
  PMS Yellow   PMS 272                  PMS 2665
  PMS 473       PMS Warm Grey 7    PMS 477
  PMS 632       PMS 425                  PMS 349
  PMS 686       PMS 188                  PMS 2768
  PMS 493       PMS 278                  PMS 681
  PMS 470       PMS 287                  PMS 377
  PMS Black     PMS193                   PMS 485

Low Temperature Decals:

Low Temperature decals are a great method for decorating glass, ceramics, stainless steel, and varnished surfaces as the decals do not have to be fired in a kiln. Low Temperature decals are printed with organic colors that are lead and cadmium free. There is also a great variety of colors available to reproduce your artwork.
The decals should be applied to the ware in the same way as other waterslide decals. After allowing the Low Temperature decal to dry for 24 hours, you are able to peel off the top covercoat.

On products that can tolerate heat such as glass and ceramics, you then have the option of thermally curing the decals by heating the ware to 320 - 392 degrees Fahrenheit (160 - 200 Degrees C) for about 20 minutes.
Low Temperature decals can be printed with or without a white base color, so the decals can be vibrant or subtle depending upon the customer’s needs. The decals can be used decorate many different products

Digital Decals:

Digital ceramic decals are a cost effective way to print custom decals of your artwork or photographs especially if you only need a limited quantity. The factory prints the decals on water slide decal paper which is run through a commercial grade printer containing special ceramic toners. The sheet sizes are 11 x 15 inches. After the printing has been completed, the factory applies a covercoat to the decal paper that allows the image to be transferred to your ware (like any other waterslide ceramic or glass decal) and fired in a kiln between 1320 – 1465 Degrees Fahrenheit (740 – 790 Degrees C).

The digital process is a great way to decorate smaller quantities of ceramics for trade show samples, fund raisers and many other functions. If you have a digital photograph and want a custom tile mural for your bathroom, kitchen or business - you should consider digital ceramic decals.

Glass & Ceramic Decorators – for tile, collector plates, glassware, and dinnerware.

Open Stock Decals – ceramic, glass, and cold application decals.

Tile Decals - murals, borders, inserts, raised enamels, and precious metals.

Porcelain Suppliers – for plates, cups, mugs, bowls, ornaments, trivets, and much more.

Please call 863.699.4082 for questions or pricing.


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